If you ever talk to someone from the Jewish faith these are some of the arguments you might here.

“It’s idolatry to believe that a man can become a God”
“We believe there is only one God – you believe in three gods!”
“Jewish people don’t need a middleman!”
“Repentance, charity, and fasting is how you atone for sin.”

But the Christian doctrines of the Trinity, the Incarnation, atonement through the Messiah’s self-sacrifice all have their roots in the Jewish faith; unfortunately most Jews aren’t aware of this. What Jews are aware of is their culture. They are very proud of being Jewish. Christianity can be seen as the opposite of Jewish. To consider Christianity is to consider a loss of their identity. So when witnessing to Jewish people its important to stress that they won’t loose their Jewish identity just because they accept Jesus as their savior.

When witnessing to a Jewish person, you need to focus on the relationship first. Let your friendship serve as the foundation for your witness to them. Reassure them that you appreciate their faith. But let them know upfront that you are a Christian so that they know where you stand. You will be more respected for this approach.

When trying to witness to a Jew asks questions or talk about subjects that will cause the conversation to naturally flow to spiritual issues. Talk about Israel, ask about Jewish Holidays or items you find in the Old Testament. Don’t be afraid to use scripture and do share your personal testimony. Jews are born into their faith; some mistakenly believe that you are born a Christian. Explaining to them how you became a Christian will not only dispel that belief it may lead them to Christ. Jewish friends may not understand the concept of praying and receiving Christ. You will have to ask for a decision and do the follow up work.

For more guidance on how to lead a Jew to the Lord go to Jews for Jesus: www.jewsforjesus.org

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