The Atheists believes that there is no evidence for God’s existence. Atheism is the lack of belief in a God. When an Atheist looks at the world they don’t see it the same way you do. Atheists see a beautiful and amazing world, and they can stare at that sunset and sunrise with a sense of awe. When they look out into the world they see order in chaos and beauty.

For a Christian these wonders of nature reaffirm for them the power and intelligence of God. But an atheist examines things from a different angle than Christians. Were a Christian sees the wonder and miracle of life, they see trauma and disaster. Let me explain what I mean by that.

They notice things like asteroids and black holes. They see the potential for destruction from these anomalies. They are conscious of the dangers those things pose.

They can tell you about germs that multiply so fast in the human body as to cause a healthy person succumb to sickness and even death during the prime of life.

For them the idea of a loving god simply appears crazy. For them these things simply negates the Christian arguments for evidence of a smart designer, let alone a loving and caring God.

So the next time you hear an Atheists say, “They see no evidence for any God or they’re not convinced then you know what they are talking about. Atheists believe that when they die they cease to exit and they are proud of the fact that they don’t need to embrace myths and legends in order to face death.

In order to reach an atheist for Christ you need to ask these questions and then listen closely to their responses.

“Do you mean that you don’t know personally if there is a God?”
“How do you know that there is no God?”
“Have you been everywhere in the universe?”

“What do you mean by ‘atheist’?”
“Do you mean there is absolutely no God?”

“What solid evidence can you produce to prove your position?”
“What difference has atheism made in your life?”
“Has it given you a purpose to live for?”
“What fulfillment has it brought you?”

You need to push them to the logical end of their system of thinking. For example, if a person says they don’t believe in God then you might want to question, on what basis do you view murder as wrong. If they say that, “I am confident that God is only a myth”. Then you might say, “What if you’re wrong and the God of the Bible is real? If you’re right, I have nothing to worry about, do I? But if you’re wrong, what are the consequences?”

Use your personal testimony. And look for common ground. If they don’t believe in the Bible then look for things they do believe in to support your position. Always ask them how they can be so certain they are right. On what are they putting their trust in. Stay true to the scripture don’t be afraid to use it where you can. Don’t forget to pray for them and keep your passions in check. Make sure you demonstrate as much love for your Atheists as you can muster.

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