Set your eyes on Christ and seek a proper understanding of the Word. You’ll be able to help young Christians grow and develop their faith and understand and have compassion towards those who think differently from you.

Saying the right words at the proper time can do so much more than religious conversion. By obtaining the correct insight through prayer, you can easily bring Jesus to others even if they have really good explanations that contradict your faith.

NAECHOG provides resources and training to encourage and equip you in sharing your faith more effectively with those of other faiths or no faith. We are also about training local leaders and pastors abroad in outreach, etc. We aim to help equip you in your desire to be a witness and pray more effectively for the unreached and lost.

You can share your faith in different ways, but nothing speaks more to people than how you choose to live your life. By living in a Godly manner, you’ll be able to bring more people together in Christ.

We also have a forum where you can engage with other Christians and read posts by specialists and experts. Connect with us through our Facebook page and on Twitter.