IMPACT EVENT SEPT. 2016 Shreveport

SEPT 8-10 Oakmont Church of God, Shreveport, LA.

Here is a glimpse of what our presenters will be sharing:

Fouad Masri – Fouad will be giving three presentations on Thursday PM & Friday AM:

Session 1: Violence and Hope in the Middle East: ISIS, Islam, and Jesus
Who are the Jihadists and why do we need to know about militant Islam? What does Islam say about the violence in the Middle East? Despite the crushing realities happening in this part of the world, God is working. Come and listen to what Jesus is doing among Muslims in these dark times and find your role in sharing the story of hope to Muslims.
Session 2: The Quran, Islam, & the Gospel
Learn about the Quran, the Holy Book of Islam, and its relationship to Muslims. Come and learn how you can tell the story of Jesus in an effective way.
Session 3: Speaking Like Jesus: Sharing Your Faith with Muslims
Communication between Christians and Muslims tends to hit a dead end. Come and learn from our Savior’s example how to tell the story of salvation to Muslims.

* Ruth Lyons: The Middle East: Land of revolts, retreats and revivals. Wondering how and why situations have developed in the land where Christianity began? Ruth will share from her 36 years of residence and ministry how some churches flourish and others face oppression and persecution. (*pseudonym)
Donna Thomas: Grief and the Lord’s Gift. Ever think this? “My spouse is gone. What do I do now?” There is hope for today and tomorrow. Donna will share advice and tips from life experience about dealing with grief and loss.

Kerry Joe Miller: Sharing Hope, Laughter, and Inspiration around the World. (Ventriloquist). Our purpose will be to encourage us all to be an “evangelist” in our community and surrounding areas.

Jim Johnman: Reaching Hispanics in the United States through Evangelism and Church Planting. This is a great opportunity today for the church to evangelize and reach out to the largest minority in the United States. How to effectively reach the Spanish language people for Christ will be our focus in our conference.

Jean Hartley: The IRS and its Impact on Your Church. Many churches fail to fulfill the terms and conditions needed for exclusion from taxable income. Jean will discuss points churches must do to make tax compliance a priority. There will be time for FAQs.

Noelle Huether: Using Your Website to Have an Impact. In this session learn how you can have a greater impact to a first time viewer, how to obtain repeat visitors, how to promote evangelism, and what features should be on your site. How to make your site more secure will also be discussed.

Lila Clay: HRM, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You? Learn about the Hebrew Roots Movement (HRM), this evangelistic cult is growing within the United States. Lila will expose the dangers of this growing movement within our culture and teach you how to counter its deception. Learn how to witness to your people before they get trapped in the lie.

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Jean Hartley (Treasurer) Connie Cissna
Yoshi Hosoda

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