Tips & Tools

How People Think?

Religions and Cults, how people think and what they understand

    Help People Grow in their Faith

    Once they learn about Jesus our job is to help them grow in their faith. Make sure you encourage young Christians to develop their faith.

      Ways You Can Share

      Learn about the different ways you can share your faith with others.

        Know What to Say When They Say

        How do I tell others about Jesus when so many people have really good explanations that contradict my faith?

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          NAE is on Facebook. All active members are encouraged to share with others in this popular forum ideas on Evangelism. NAE aims to enthuse, equip & encourage you in your ministry as you reach out to those in need around you and globally. The purpose of NAE in partnership with the Kingdom Ministry Team of CHOG and Ohio State General Assembly CHOG is to encourage, equip and enthuse evangelists and anyone serving in evangelism ministries.

          Blogging allows readers to add their own comments about evangelism and for readers to respond to others and give feedback. If you would like access to our blog page send a request to: NAE BLOG